Next Generation Protective Film

Protection for Next Generation Displays

ABOUT Tactus

Tactus is a technology company based out of Fremont, CA that has developed a proprietary and disruptive protective layers for foldable mobile, wearable, rollable, and general electronics. The film is self-healing, anti-scratch, impact resistant and has the best in class bend performance. 


OUR SOlutions

Protective FilM

  • Multilater film compatible with a variety of optical layers: CPI, PET, flexible glass

  • Self-healing anti-scratch coating

  • Proprietary elastomer combines excellent impact and bend performance

Protective coating

  • Coating solution compatible with a variety of optical substrates: CPI, PET, flexible glass

  • Functional coating designed for durability properties

  • Elastomer designed for impact performance and excellent processability

Sponge Film

  • Proprietary elastomer with excellent impact performance and optical properties

  • High flexibility for attachment to surfaces with low radius of curvature

  • Provides mechanical protection when applied inside or outside devices

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